Roald Harr
2 months ago
And social media sites shut down individuals who advocated the use of Ivermectin, remember? Lame street media outlets frightened people by saying it was a horse medication. #Liars
Roald Harr
6 months ago
More misinformation from "Fact Checkers" #Liars
Roald Harr
9 months ago
The Left are no more than liars.
"Andrew Bates, the White House propagandist, claimed on Monday that Biden was busy “analyzing Israel” while in reality, the president was being deposed by Special Counsel Robert Hur regarding the mishandling of classified documents during his tenure as vice president."
Roald Harr
1 yr. ago
Why haven't the state RNCs and national gone after the liars who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights with recall elections? #LearershipProblems
Terask Tarrasque
2 yr. ago

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